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The Lenticular Process of the Incus - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov


He proposed that “the os lenticulare is to be struck out of the list of the bones, and should be considered merely a process--namely, the processus lenticularis of the os incus” united with the long process of the incus through a “connexion.”

processus lenticularis incudis - Academic Dictionaries and ...


processus lenticularis incudis [TA] lenticular process of incus: a small process on the medial side of the tip of the long limb of the incus, articulating with the head of the stapes. Medical dictionary. 2011.

Incus | Radiology Reference Article | Radiopaedia.org


The incus (plural: incudes) is the middle of the three ossicles articulating with the head of the malleus anteromedially, forming the incudomalleolar joint, and the stapes inferomedially, forming the incudostapedial joint.. Named parts include: a body which articulates with the head of the malleus, and to which the superior ligament of the incus is attached (to the roof of the middle ear cavity)

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The malleus is a bone situated in the middle ear. It is the first of the three ossicles, and attached to the tympanic membrane. The head of the malleus is the large protruding section, which attaches to the incus. The head connects to the neck of malleus, and the bone continues as the handle of malleus, which

The Lenticular Process of the Incus - Europe PMC Article ...


Since then, the ovoid end of the incus has been referred to as the “lenticular process” of the incus. The best nomenclature for the bony connection between the lenticular process and the rest of the incus remains uncertain, but the term “lenticular process” should not include its connecting pedicle. ... the processus lenticularis of the ...

Lenticular process - Processus lenticularis - IMAIOS


Lenticular process - Processus lenticularis ... The long crus of incus (crus longum; long process) descends nearly vertically behind and parallel to the manubrium of the malleus, and, bending medialward, ends in a rounded projection, the lenticular process, which is tipped with cartilage, ...