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OpenBSD PF: Building a Router


This guide will show you how to turn an OpenBSD system into a router. First, we'll define what this router (also called a "gateway") will actually do, since your requirements may vary. Performing network address translation (NAT) Giving a laptop and server static IPs based on their MAC address Handing out IP addresses to other clients via DHCP

OpenBSD Firewall Setup


OpenBSD Firewall Setup resources https://www.openbsd.org.

The ultimate OpenBSD router | Hacker News


I just added an OpenBSD firewall in bridge mode between my Comcast router and the rest of my network. It's implemented on a Shuttle DS57U (dual-core 1.5GHz Broadwell Celeron 3205U), with 16GB Crucial DDR3L RAM and a 128GB Crucial SSD (leftover parts). Total price: $358. It's a pretty sweet box: fanless, metal chassis, dual Intel Gigabit Ethernet.

How To Set Up an OpenBSD Router – Step-by-Step Tutorial ...


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Tutorial: How to install OpenBSD 6.1, step by step ...


Tutorial: How to install OpenBSD 6.1, step by step. Introduction. It’s been 6 years since the last OpenBSD installation tutorial so I felt it was time to update it for the newest OpenBSD (6.1)! ... I’ll let my router do the job with its internal DHCP server.

OSG 2.0 Setup: A Simple OpenBSD Router - blogspot.com


OSG 2.0 Setup: A Simple OpenBSD Router The first VM for my lab is the OpenBSD router. OpenBSD has a phenomenal security track record, no additional software needs to be installed and you're guaranteed the latest and greatest pf.

Building an OpenBSD router/firewall. | Ngc's Weblog


preamble In this tutorial our goal is to acquaint ourselves with the most basic routing concepts. I will be running my router and firewall on OpenBSD 4.1. We will also be introduced to the OpenBSD firewall system called Packet Filter. There will be a further tutorial that will look at Packet Filter in greater detail.…

OpenBSD: Static Routing Configuration - nixCraft


I know how to setup static routing under Linux and FreeBSD operating systems. But, how do you setup static routing under OpenBSD operating systems? OpenBSD uses various text files in /etc for setting up hostname, ip address, default route and static routing. The drawback of route command is that ...